What to Expect

Your First Session

Your first visit will be your Initial Consultation and Physical Assessment.  This first visit lasts approximately 90 min and consists of a review of your health history and a screening of functional movements.  Please come in comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely.  In order to perform the most accurate postural assessment, more fitted exercise clothing is helpful as is access to the shoulder and knee joints.  For example, a jog bra and running shorts or fitted tank top and bike shorts.

After the posture assessment and health history review digital front and profile photos may be necessary for charting purposes only.  Next, we will go through a series of Range of Motion (ROM), strength and overall flexibility assessments.

Optional Assessments:

  • Digital video gate analysis
  • Balance and Fall Risk assessment

Based on the information gathered in the previous assessments, there will be time for further assessments on the massage table.  These are done “sports massage style”  in your comfortable clothing or professionally draped with sheets when needed.  Muscle testing, more ROM, and passive and active stretching are incorporated to ensure a thourogh assessment with as much structural and functional information as possible.

Future Sessions

Based on the findings and analysis of the Initial Consultation, a Plan of Action will be determined.  Most often, that Plan will consist of a combination of Corrective Exercise and Medical Massage Therapy.  We then work together to agree on a Plan of Action based on schedule availability, budget, and type of bodywork needed.