Initial Assessment – 90 minutes:               $170

It is common practice to look at the immediate point of pain when seeking treatment for chronic pain: the knee, the back, or whatever is hurting. That one point of pain becomes the focus of the treatment, and nothing else is really looked at.   Ida Rolf (the woman who began Rolfing) would say, “Where you think it is, it isn’t,” which means that most often, the POINT of chronic pain is not the SOURCE of the pain.  This is why it is important to begin with a personalized postural and movement evaluation, along with a thorough health history review and a discussion of your goals.


Specialized Corrective Sessions –

60 minutes      $115             30 min   $60            90 min   $170

Working with a Biomechanics Specialist means that I will look at the WHOLE body.  It is the most effective way to affect your movement mechanics and performance so you can once again move/compete freely and without pain.  Sessions are rarely the same, but they will consist of some combination of corrective massage therapy, movement reassessment and corrective exercise.