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“Where you think it is, it isn’t”  – Ida Rolf

My work is highly specialized medical massage therapy and corrective fitness geared towards relieving pain and  the body. I have the responsibility for creating professional, results-driven programs for musculoskeletal pain relief and optimal function.

Interested in becoming pain-free?


“You don’t have 600-some-odd muscles, as we’ve always been taught: You have a single muscle with 600-odd stopping points, all linked by the fascial web.” – Thomas Meyers

medical massage therapyThe bodywork that I do is individual to each body that I come across.  The best description is Integrative Myofacial Realease.  This is not a typical relaxation massage from a spa nor is it impersonal and aggressive soft tissue work from a clinic. 

The goal is pain relief and improved function where results are not always felt in one visit.  My focus is to find the source of the pain; the imbalance creating the dysfunction.  By only treating the symptoms it perpetuates a temporary pain relief cycle. 


“If we spend months, years, even decades sitting at a desk and think that a few hours in the gym per week are going to undo that, we’re probably fooling ourselves”. – Anthony Carey

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Corrective fitness is just that, fitness that corrects in order to relieve pain and improve function.  With a combination of strength, flexibility, agility and balance training it is possible to balance the muscles in strength and length. 

Fitness sessions often consist of full body, 3-dimensional exercises.  Every day is different depending on how the body responds to the given program.  Some days the body needs a more gentle approach so we will work more on balance and/or the specifics of a yoga pose.  On other days, the body might be ready for a challenge with agility training and strength moves.