Bikini Body Hits the Beach

Woo Hoo!  On the beach with my 3 month old wearing a bikini…goal attained!
The 2 week celebration/vacation in Cancun was nothing short of fabulous.  It was a time to enjoy my husband and my kids without any need to go anywhere at a certain time or do anything but soak up the sun and eat like its going out of style.
I must say that coming back after my 3rd child has been more difficult than the others; it has taken more focus and I have needed more motivation.  I would probably say being consistent is the most important factor for me.  As long as I maintain the habit of some sort of daily activity (except for free days) and eating clean 6 days/week (gotta have the sunday doughnuts) progress is inevitable.  Building back my muscle and feeding my body to do so is what brings my pre-baby body and function back.  And I wouldn’t call myself “back” just yet…far from it really.  I had a wake-up call on that when I had my own fitness evaluation from a personal trainer at my local gym (future blog post to follow).  Talk about sucking wind! 
At the moment, as with many people, my insides don’t match my outsides.  I am not happy that I get out of bed in the morning like a grandma.  Like I stated in another post, I would much rather be healthy and functional and able to play with my kids whenever needed, than to look good in a bikini and get winded going up the stairs. So onward and upward I go.
The biggest lesson in the journey of health, weight loss, and fitness is that IT ISN’T ALL ABOUT LOOKS.  It is about feeling comfortable in your skin, keeping your health as your goal and eventually the weight loss follows.  Confidence is sexy! 
After reaching my bikini goal it is now time for a new goal.  And I am so excited for this one…drum roll…*pause for drama*…circus training!! 

Bikini Body Plan: 2 week countdown

I Lost 3 pounds!
Oh happy day when the scale finally gives me results of my hard work.  I also lost another 1/2″ in my waist & hips.  I feel giddy as a schoolgirl – thus the photo.
It is so easy to get frustrated and want to throw in the towel when trying to loose weight and/or make body changes.  Finding the right motivation is key.  As with most things in life, there are ups and downs.  When you can find what drives you to keep pushing through, then you will find success.
For me, I have different motivating factors.  Vanity, function & health.  Selfishly at the moment, vanity takes front seat.  When preparing for a trip somewhere tropical is dificult to avoid wanting to look good in a bikini. 
Second is function.  I don’t like to feel weak, unstable or out of balance.  I enjoy being able to play sports & games with my kids.  I love being able to tackle an advanced step class without tripping over myself.  And it is especially helpful to be strong enough to move my furniture as we have moved so often & I end up rearranging it multiple times a year :).
Lastly is health.  Consistent exercise has numerous health benefits and I attribute our infrequent illness to a healthy active lifestyle.  Yes I am getting older, and recently I am noticing it more.  I want to avoid the hip replacements both my parents and grandparents had.  I want to be an example for my clients and my children.  I want to explore and experience different paths of fitness, weight loss and health because it helps me understand my clients better when I have been through it myself.
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Bikini Body Motivation

The Scale is the Enemy

I need to vent.  I think all women have a love/hate relationship with the scale. Lately, mine is my enemy.  I have gotten so frustrated that I haven’t lost ANY weight in 5 weeks! 

I was feeling “skinny” in the morning yesterday to I thought I should go weigh myself.  Plus I got the little pop-up from Weight Watchers online that “It’s time to record your weight for this week”…ugh.
I stripped down and set out my digital scale (because even a .2lb loss would bring some satisfaction), I took a deep breath and slowly stepped on.  I never look while it is calculating because that usually ends up in an emotional roller coaster while it jumps low to high.  After my ususal 5 second count, I look with anticipation wanting this to be the week where my metabolism has finally adjusted and the pounds will just fall off me…NOT!  My weight is the same.  Even to the tenth of a pound, are you kidding me?  So I step off and try again…same.  I step off and back on with the other foot first…same.  I step off and back on from the side…same.  I even step on backwards…same.  This is how my brain works, it must be the scale right?  Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over expecting different results?  But I’m changing my mount and dismount technique so it should show me something different.  No such luck.

Shallow Frustration

Let me now say yes, I fully realize I am being shallow and vain in my expectations of having a bikini-ready body on our trip to Cancun this year.  I am a personal trainer who trains my clients for function and not image.  If someone comes to me asking for help getting a six pack, I tell them to go elsewhere. But I justify my high expectations by reviewing my past photos.
Here I am in 2005 with my son (almost 2).  My husband and I did the Body for Life program.
Here I am in 2008 with my daughter (almost 2).  I started the 1st Bikini Body Plan and followed the Body for Life principles again.
So I am now 3 weeks away from our Cancun trip and there is one MAJOR difference this year…
THIS little cutie who will be 14 weeks come vacation time! 
So yes I am breastfeeding, and yes my body 14 weeks out is totally different than almost 2 years out.  In the end, it is all about being comfortable where you’re at and the body you have while working towards the goal. 
So I keep on keepin’on.

The Trap of "What’s for Dinner?"

In order to ensure you do not get caught in the “What’s for dinner?, ummmm…” trap, plan ahead.

Write out the week’s menu ahead of time and then grocery shop for your meals.  **It is an extra bonus to know which meals are faster than others so that if someone gets stuck in traffic or practice runs late, you have healthy options without resorting to fast food pick up or pizza delivery.  This way, you are prepared for dinner throughout the week and you waste less food therefore saving yourself money.

My Menu:
Jerk Chicken Breast with Rice & Black Beans
Shrimp Enchiladas
Bun-less Turkey Burgers with Baked Potato Fries & Broccoli
Scallop Stir Fry with Udon Noodles
BBQ Chicken Breast with Artichokes
Halibut with Zucchini & White Beans

Only 6 dinners planned if you are on the Bikini Body Plan with a FREE Day!

*FREE Day Tip* 
Our FREE days usually end up with at least 2 meals out.  This makes for more running around and sometimes more cost, but it is dangerous on our will power to buy FREE day treats at the store and keep them in the house.
If you are one of the few that have super hero will power then by all means, you can save money and time by hiding treats in your house.  This however is not my m.o.

Bikini Body Plan hits the Plateau

Keeping the Faith
It’s been 5 weeks of fairly consistent workouts along with strict adherence to my Weight Watchers POINTS plan.  I had  momentarily lost 4 pounds only to have now gained them back.  My waist is the only measurement decreasing but at a painfully slow rate.  This is the moment where I have advised so many clients to “Hang in there” and “Keep doing what you’re doing”.  I mock my own voice saying “This is the point when your body is transitioning it’s metabolism”.

I am fully aware what is happening, but when you are in the thick of it, the frustruation is overwhelming.
I MUST believe that I am gaining muscle and that my metabolism will catch up and burn off the fat in the next few weeks.  This is the most difficult part of a weight loss program/body change- having the faith that you are doing the right things when all numbers are not decreasing but rather are stagnant or going up.

I think what intensifies the frustruation is my sleep deprivation.  Our baby boy is 7 weeks old today and I would love for him to start sleeping through the night like his brother and sister did by 8 weeks old.  It is interesting to be fully aware of your mind turning to mush and being so scatterbrained that daily I do something to the effect of putting the cereal in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard.  My loving husband continually offers to take some of the middle of the night feedings but I keep telling him that 2 scatterbrained parents would be worse.

So I push on and encourage you to do the same.  Take advise from Dori of Finding Nemo, (put in your own context of course 🙂

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming”

Burn Baby Burn (calories that is)

If you haven’t met already, this is the Stepmill (or Stair Machine). 
For all of us that love the calorie burn of running but HATE to run this is your new best friend.  Have you ever wondered why you get so winded when going up a few flights of stairs?  It is because you are using the largest muscle groups in your body.  When you activate so many muscles at once, the heart has to work harder to pump that much more blood to the needed areas.  All of this equals MORE CALORIES BURNED!
There are so many ways to use this machine.  Try out each of the programs offered and see which one you like.  Remember not to do the same thing everytime…change it up.  “Muscle confusion” as the P90X plan touts.
I like to do the intervals and turn sideways on the faster segments.  By stepping sideways you are utilizing the gluteals more, and who doesn’t like that?!?  If you are feeling coordinated you can also try stepping backwards (please be careful and start on the slow levels), or taking two at a time.  Pay attention to what your upper body is doing and don’t let it rock forward and back to use momentum (that’s cheating and less burning).  Also keep your grip loose and avoid pulling/holding on with the arms; this will prevent any shoulder injuries from the joint-tugging that holding on causes.
So give your joints a break from the impact of running and even boost your bootie in the process!

Bikini Body Plan Progress Report

Weight = down 1 lb

Waist =   down 1.5 in

My baby boy is now 4 weeks old and after 2 weeks of the Bikini Plan my weight is down a whopping 1 pound BUT my measurements are showing signs of improvement.  I am happily aware that this is a great combination because when you are consistent at a healthy diet while keeping consistent weight training workouts, there will most likely be a weight gain or only minimal loss initially.  THIS MEANS GAINING MUSCLE! 

I am happy to gain muscle.  I would much rather be solid and bigger than mushy and wafer thin.  I love the idea of being healthy and athletic.  I love having the ability to move furniture around with my husband and not feel like I will break if the wind blows me over.

My gym workouts are hit or miss because I am unable to take the baby until he is 3 months old.  This means I must pull out all my tricks in my Home Workout Toolbox.  I will post ideas and workouts but please feel free to ask for any specific workouts.  I enjoy the creative process of putting together effective workouts

2 weeks down, 10 more to go.

The Ultimate Goal

This week was more difficult to get in my workouts, I only had 3 stickers for the week.  Granted I can play the ‘I have a newborn’ card to make excuses, but in reality I just didn’t follow through.  If I don’t workout in the morning I just don’t do it…no matter how good my intentions are.

My eating was on track again so that is consistent, yeah me!  I am really happy with the nursing mom plan with weight watchers online.  Especially since finding that both my Coronita with lime and 2 pieces of Oscar Mayer center cut bacon are each only 1 point!

So the ultimate goal is consistency.  Both in eating healthy AND working out so eventually the majority wins out over the bouts of laziness and sweet cravings.

Next week’s goals: 

  • get in more exercise
  • figure out why I have a twinge in my right hip
  • get organized to start back with a few hours of clients

Have you set your goals?

Weight Tracking

For those of you tracking your weight by WW or on your own, weigh
yourself on Tuesday mornings!
You will get frustruated using your weight the morning after your Free
Day eating. It takes a day for the “effects” to wear off.
Another great way to track your progress is to use a soft measuring
tape and measure the spots where you want to see changes.
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FREE Day Menu

Breakfast: 2 fried eggs on toast w/veg shmear, 2 Osc. M ctr cut bacon strips
homemade banana blueberry muffin with icing (17pts)

Diner cheeseburger w/avocado, jalapenos, L&T with onion rings
apple pie a la mode (35 pts)

Frosted mini wheats
another muffin with icing


As yummy as it is going down, the way I feel on Monday mornings makes me CRAVE healthy food again and that lasts until Thursday or so.  So my will power only needs to get me through 3 days :).