To Exercise or Not To Exercise, THAT is the Question!

I was battling a head cold this week and it was frustrating to say the least.  It was one of those annoying colds that couldn’t decide to go full force or go away.

My theory on seasonal illnesses is to try exercising first.  If my energy takes a nose dive during or after the workout, then rest is more valuable.  But if my energy stays the same or gets better then I fight to get my workouts in.

This cold was bi-polar.  On Monday I did a 45 min treadmill/BOSU cardio workout then took the dog for a 45 min walk.  I felt pretty good during, but the 30 lb toddler on my back for the walk might have put me over the edge because Tuesday and Wednesday I was beat!   So I took a pass on exercising until Thursday when I went to yoga and felt great afterwards.  Yesterday I went to my trusty barre class at The Ballet Physique and got a great leg and bum workout without putting me back to bed.

The moral of my story is that vigorous cardio was no good for me but strength and stretch workouts were helpful.  Therefore, it is important not to resign to being sick and simply curl up in bed to wait it out (as tempting as that is.)  Next time you feel something coming on, try a couple different exercise tactics, it just might help bring you out of it.

So I hope to enlighten you next week with some great workouts and healthy recipes now that my cold is on its way out!


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