Tightening the Reins

Well it seems that it is time for a little reworking of my diet and exercise routine.  I lead a fairly healthy lifestyle, but I like to eat as much as anyone and I often choose extra sleep over an early workout.  Sometimes I am consistent with exercise and sometimes I am consistent with healthy eating.  Every now and then they actually match up the two and I consistently feel great.

Lately though, there is a suspicious tightening of my jeans.  There is extra body stiffness in the mornings.  And I just so happen to be fighting off a head cold.  These three things occurring at once can only mean that I have let my routine slip.

This is a strangely predictable cycle for me.  I sort of like it though.  It keeps me from getting bored with my routine and I search out new and different ways to stay fit.  On the unhealthy side of this cycle I search out new and excellent baking recipes.

So here I am tightening the reins of my fitness routine.  My goal is to be more consistent with workouts, both strength and cardio.  I will also get back to a more strict 6 days of clean eating while always maintaining a free eating day.    I’m sure there might be someone else out there that cycles in and out of fitness like I do, so if you would like, please join me.  I will be sharing where I make changes and what I am eating.  Partly, I share this to make me accountable for my workouts and mostly because when I (and anyone for that matter) record what I am eating, I tend to not cheat as much.

Please feel free to share your workouts and healthy meals.  Even share with me as we backtrack a bit; reality happens.  And we’re off!


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