Get Creative for Back Pain Prevention

Many of you now realize the poor effects that sitting at a desk has on your body.  It’s a good thing that there are many options now available.  Unfortunately, some of them (like a stand-up desk or treadmill desk) are quite expensive…not to mention dangerous for folks like me shouldn’t multitask to that degree.

I have posted previously on how the psoas muscle is shortened while seated and how it is important to stand up whenever possible in order to prevent it from locking short and creating back pain.  Here is an easy option for those of you spending too much time in front of a screen.

Kneeling is an option to open the hip joint and still work at your computer.  Now I’m sure I am not the only person who has taken over the dining room table as their home office but you can do this at most desks as well.  I use a box to raise my laptop when I use the BOSU to kneel on, but you may also kneel on a folded blanket or towel to pad your knees.

This is VERY different for your body so it is best to start this in short bouts, around 15-20 minutes at a time.  Eventually, your body will get used to the change and you can use it as long as your knees can tolerate it.  I am also a big fan of using a fit ball as a chair to incorporate some pelvic motion throughout your day.

Feel free to share your creative options for getting your computer work done!


2 thoughts on “Get Creative for Back Pain Prevention

  1. Its good to know that this works! I have been using cushions under my knees and all of my back pain has gone. The hip flexor stretching is pretty amazing – rather than just doing it for 5 mins at the start or end of the day, I can hold the stretches throughout the day. I cross my ankles and push the hips forward, using my glutes to stabilise my core, and there is a great gentle stretch across my hip flexors.

    Taking to one knee at a time & lunging slightly while activating the glutes enables a much deeper stretch. Leaning my body to the side enables stretches down the side of the torso & hip. After a couple of weeks of this I can slowly feel my hip/glute area beginning to loosen up (it is ultra tight & I do tennis ball work as well).
    I had been thinking that a bosu ball would be much more comfortable on the knees, allowing the shins to take more weight, and also bring in more core work too – good to know you recommend it before I invest. I have been researching kneeling chairs online, but they are very expensive and they wouldn’t provide anywhere near the stretch as simply kneeling.

    My next thought is incorporating a small bench seat that will stand over the bosu / cushions to let me take my weight on my bum & means I can take the pressure off my knees when I need.

    Given the extent of the tightness I had, and how much I can feel my hips are stretching I think this posture technique could make a big difference to a lot of people.



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