A Trainer’s Review of Barre Workouts- The Ballet Physique

My first experience with a barre workout was a positive one with a side note of critisism as explained in my review after only ONE PureBarre class. (read more) I then pushed through the rest of my 10-session PureBarre package and had a slight change of heart. (Check it out)

I haven’t done a barre workout since last May and now I have another Cancun beach vacation staring me in the face in 7 weeks.  We have moved from SoCal and I don’t have a PureBarre close to me but I did find The Ballet Physique in downtown Littleton.

Now downtown Littleton, CO is super cute on it’s own, but The Ballet Physique is a great addition.  Once you get used to the difficult parking availability, this studio has a great boutique feel with friendly smiles to greet you.  The studio has a bit of a loft-like feel with the look of exposed brick and high ceilings, it’s quite welcoming.  The classroom itself is carpeted which is different from what I was used to at La Costa PureBarre.  There are the familiar tools of small hand weights, foam mats, cushions and small rubber balls which I equate to 4-square balls.

The Ballet Physique has an advantage of not being a franchise and therefore has more freedom to change up class content.  The main content of course is mostly about the booty, which is why everyone gets in the door in the first place…including myself.  However, they have a range of classes that branch into pilates, cardio and muscle pump classes that ensure you have a variety to choose from and don’t plateau or burn out.

My first class, from Kristin S. was a fairly classic barre class.   There was a warm up with upper body work using small hand weights and some push ups and after that was a bit of burning the glutes with what I call curtsey lunges.  We then we moved to the barre and sufficiently exhausted the legs and butt with the oh so effective pulse and burn technique.  Finally, the jello legs got relief and passed the pain onto the abdominals as we crunched our way to the finish line with the help of the barre and balls.  A bit of stretching and I was left to gingerly make my way to my car…perfect.

For me, I have realized that I push harder when I am around others.  Eventough I have all the tools for home workouts, I just don’t seem to get as sore when I work out by myself.  Plus misery loves company right?  As I stated my current motivation is a beach vacation so I will be trying out all the class styles and instructors while keeping my readers up-to-date on all the exhausting and rewarding details.

So if this type of workout interests you, I would highly recommend you go and check our The Ballet Physique in dowtown Littleton, CO.  Tell them I sent ya!


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