Revisiting My Pure Barre Review

After my initial review of my Pure Barre experience, I realized I needed to revisit it and add a follow up after finishing out my 10 sessions done over 12 weeks.

Again I will re-emphasize that these new classes of the ballet/pilates/yoga mix are a GREAT tool to have in your fitness tool box.  I liked the workout.  I looked forward to the insane punishment of burning up my gluteal muscles until I nearly fell down knowing the next day I would feel that special soreness that tells me I was building muscle.  And since I was finally getting in some consistent resistance exercise after falling off that wagon, my husband can attest that my butt lifted.  woot! (see proud photo below)

Now from a personal point of view I was thrilled, and from a professional point of view I knew that Pure Barre isn’t a magical bum lifting pill.  I would have gotten the same results from 12 weeks of consistent lunging and hamstring curl exercises.  Pure Barre was my vehicle to get me back on the resistance training wagon, and the few good PB instructors I “stalked” made it fun to be tortured.  Yes, the instructor made a HUGE difference in my opinion.  The good ones have a way of pushing everyone in the class to their own personal limits and make it fun and entertaining to boot.  The sign of a great instructor/trainer in any fitness field if you ask me.

Therefore, I humbly revoke my baulking at the Pure Barre claim that, “students see results in just 10 classes” because I saw, or rather my husband saw, results after my 10 classes.  And as a commenter to my first review pointed out, I should have done my review AFTER my 10 classes and not just the single class.  So I am grateful for the comments not only because I like them (keep ’em coming) but because they keep me honest.  And questioning everything is the best way to do that in my opinion.

I still stand firm to my opinion that this should not be your only workout.  I am happy that many are seeing amazing results from these barre classes and feeling more fit, but as a specialist in chronic pain and movement solutions I see many clients suffering from damage they did long ago.  For the LONG TERM HEALTH of your joints it is important to train them in three dimensions, full range of motion and a variety of resistances along with whatever new workout technique that gets you moving and more fit.

In any way I can, I help to ensure your BODY keeps up with your MIND & SPIRIT.  Got questions?  Find me on my facebook page and I’d be happy to help you out.


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