Common Yoga Form Mistakes – Are You Doing it Right?

For those of you who have gotten on the ‘yoga wagon’ and felt the amazing results of regular practice, here is a post to make sure you are getting all you can out of your practice. 
We all can’t have our own personal yoga instructor, but I had my favorite instructor, Claire Petretti, help me explain some common form mistakes.
WARRIOR 2 Pose -Virabhadrasana II
This is a very challenging pose, thus the name Warrior, but you want to make sure you check your form.
  • wide leg stance and front knee tracking straight forward to prevent front knee strain
  • Hips AND shoulders open square to the side (parallel to mirror here)
  • tall torso posture with an extended spine
Some common mistakes:
  • rear foot pointed backward
  • front knee & thigh shifting into mid line (away from mirror)
  • shoulders rotated inward
  • torso leaning forward
 TRIANGLE Pose – Trikonasana
This is a great pose for lengthening the psoas muscle which will help prevent back pain.
Claire and I are showing this angle to give you a visualization when you perform triangle pose in a class.  The idea is to line up your body as if it were parallel to a wall.
  • stack the hips & shoulders
  • wide comfortable stance (not as wide as Warrior poses)
  • arms in a T position
  • USE A BLOCK if you find yourself slouching your torso 

Some common mistakes:
  • torso leaning forward
  • hips facing downward
  • front foot turning inward
  • trying to go too far with lower hand (again USE A BLOCK)
So next time you are flowing through, or deepening into your yoga practice, keep these tips in mind.  You will find that by progressing at your own pace with proper form you will build a better foundation for which to extend and balance into new and more challenging poses.
Any other poses you need tips on?  Please share!

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