How to Maximize Ground Turkey Flavor

Ground turkey is a wonderful addition to a healthy eating program.  For many who are ground beef fanatics, this might be a big adjustment.  Here are a few of my flavor tips:

  • Extra Lean is the lowest fat because it is the turkey breast ground up and it tastes MUCH better when covered in sauce like in spaghetti, sloppy joes, or goulash.
  • Lean is the more available option and works great for turkey burgers, turkey meatloaf, or a pizza topper.
  • Half & Half is my own concoction where I buy one each of Lean & Extra Lean then cut them in half and swap one half with one of the other.  I use the combo for most of my meals unless I am strictly cutting fat, then use only Extra Lean. I use only Lean when making my famous Free Day Lasagna.

I hope everyone knows that one pre-packaged container of either type ground turkey is approximately 1.25 pounds and will serve 4-5.

Do you have any great turkey recipes?


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