What will you do with 2011?

The all-knowing gurus of the world have often said that the first step in achieving your goals is to WRITE THEM DOWN.  There is something about putting things in writing that is binding both legally and mentally.  It makes for greater accountability and clarification when we are talking about goals.

Therefore, I am here to share with the world (or at least all those who choose to grace my blog with their views) a few of my goals for 2011.

  • 1 hour of yoga 1 time per week or better
  • bike the dogs 3 times per week or better
  • get a massage once every other month
  • blog posts once a week or better!

Your turn!  Write them somewhere, it doesn’t have to be public.  Keep them realistic and enjoy the pursuit of your happiness.


One thought on “What will you do with 2011?

  1. well planned and organized allows you to live better and more sports to spend more time with his family better and grow professionally

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