Nutriton Secret to Fresh & Easy

Here is a secret to keep your nutrition fresh & easy!

When you look over all of the fresh fruit at big warehouse stores (COSTCO is my personal favorite) don’t be daunted by how all the mangos are ripe at once, or think you’ll never get through that carton of berries. 

FREEZE them!  Here’s how I do it: 

Right when I get them home (OK maybe not right away) I wash/peel/prep the fruit then cut into the size desired.  Once that is done I spread the fruit in an even layer on a lined baking sheet.  *It is important to use some sort of liner when you are working with mango as it gets very wet.
Once the pieces are frozen, you can bag them in zip top bags or your container of choice.  Raspberries are SUPER easy because they need no slicing, however do not try and thaw them before using or they will turn to mush.  All berries are great for adding to cereal or protein shakes right out of the freezer.  My husbands favorite for his protein shakes is mango.  Mango is also fabulous for blending into a sorbet with a bit of juice.
I like to freeze my own fresh fruit because the bagged pre-frozen fruit often adds sugar and is more expensive.

Now you can go out and get FRESH!  What’s your favorite frozen fruit?


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