Traning the Trainer – Feeling the Function

After 9 weekly personal training sessions from Ryan, I am feeling a ton more function.  It is a great week as my clothes are fitting better as well.  The “bulky phase” is over and it’s fun to feel my strength and coordination come back to nearly normal.
This is the rewarding part of the journey back from baby #3, this is the motivation I have kept in my head from the beginning.  Getting back to full functionality and not feeling wierd twinges and getting fatigued from random play with my kids.  I can now have success sneaking up the stairs to scare my kids as my “knee noise” has lessened substantially…Ha!
It feels reall  good to follow through on the commitment of 10 sessions.  It was a bit of a financial stretch, but for me it was worth it.  Some things just need to fit into the budget.  And in today’s economy paying for our own health insurance, my health and function are a priority.  It feels good to have control over my health and wellness.  It feels great to be proactive and preventative.  In my opinion, more people need to do the same.

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