Training the Trainer- Bulky Before Beautiful

OK, I am officially in my “bulking up” phase (or so I hope).  My pants and jeans are tighter and my skinny jeans don’t fit all of the sudden.  However, because I have been consistent with my workouts AND my eating intake, I can make the reasonable conclusion that I am building my lower body muscles back.  I have had sessions 5 & 6 with Ryan and I can tell I have more control and balance with my exercises.

EXCELLENT!  And at the same time really frustruating. 

This is why there are so many women out there that won’t lift weights.  We must be patient!  When gaining strength, you will gain muscle.  The body gains muscle THEN adjusts it’s metabolism and burns off the excess fat.  So initially, you get “bulky” but eventually the body slims and firms adjusting to the new added muscle mass.  For me, in the past, it takes about 2 weeks for my body to adjust to the new muscle.  Here’s hoping that is still the case.

starting position flattening back into the floor
holding pelvis steady, lower legs & return to start

Ryan is still helping me through the process of making my abdominals fully functional while they shorten from baby #3.  The above exercise is a nice transition from a simple contract & hold to adding some movement.


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