Training the Trainer #3 & 4- Shining Moments

Side Sliders w/Prayer Hands

OK, so for all of you that wonder if you should make a package commitment with a personal trainer, I am here to tell you “Yes, but…”. 

  • Yes, but interview your options and do your background research.  A smart trainer will get to know your body in the first few sessions.  The goal is a safe successful progression and not to have you doing circus tricks until you vomit.
  • Yes, but a package is a big financial commitment so make sure you know the rules/fine print up front.  A good trainer values his/her time and will enforce a reasonable cancellation policy.  Accountability is key.
  • Yes, but make sure it is a good personality match.  Know if you are more motivated by a “Jillian the Drill Sargent” trainer or a “Bob the Nice Guy” trainer (Biggest Loser reference).

Ryan is more of the “Nice Guy” trainer.  But tough in a stealthy sort of way.  Since my first session with Ryan, he has figured out most of my strengths and weaknesses.  Like we found out in my second session, I can jump rope with the best of them…woo hoo again!  I also now know that I am a super stud (my term) at the arm hang (remember junior high PE testing?) 45 seconds!  However, before I go and get all cocky, my leg strength is building at a snail’s pace and I am totally lop-sided in my balance. 

What I really like is that, in my opinion, this is what the personal training journey is all about for the trainer AND the client; Gaining more knowledge about the body.

Getting the latest P90X DVD series or having an occasional personal training session are all well and good, but until you know the “ins & outs” of your INDIVIDUAL BODY you won’t be as efficient as possible with your workouts.  Long term retention is only possible when you stay injury free and excited about your exercise.

What is/would be your trainer’s personality?


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