"All of the Sudden" Injuries

I hear it many times, “All of the sudden, my (insert body part here) started hurting”. What many don’t realize is that body pain that seems to come on “all of the sudden” is most often a breaking point to a continual tightening that has been in the works for some time.

Here is a visual example of the progression of an “All of a Sudden” injury.

Place a rubber band around 2 pencils and begin rotating one of the pencils like a propeller. Notice how the tension is gradually increasing as you rotate the pencil and get more twists in the rubber band (picture A).

picture A

As you keep twisting, there comes a point where the rubber band “kinks” under the tension (picture B).

picture B

The same is true with your muscles. When there is an imbalance of muscle strength and/or length around a joint, the body compensates to still get the job done. The muscle recruited to compensate begins to tighten from doing a job it is not supposed to. Eventually, sometimes after days sometimes after years, the muscle will “kink” no longer able to function under the undue stress.

The key to pain relief in these situations is not to simply pop some anti-inflammatory pills nor to “un-twist” the muscle, but rather to figure out what was creating the “twisting” in the first place. This is where a thorough assessment is needed. Compensations come about for all sorts of reasons; poor shoe support, past injury, overuse, poor posture, etc.

If you have developed a mysterious “All of the Sudden” injury, feel free to give me a call and set up an appointment for a full assessment.

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Lori Frederic

(760) 473-8200


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