Training the Trainer #1 – Becoming a Client

Coming into my first training session with my trainer Ryan, I did my best to turn off my ‘trainer brain’ and get into ‘client brain’.  I told myself not to overanalyze or try and correct his logic.  I brought my humble attitude knowing I still have a LOT of strength to gain back after having baby #3.  Based on my self assessment, I let him know my goals of increasing my strength and my cardiovascular fitness right up front, (I figured I will withold the non-professional goal of getting my “ghetto booty” back until I know him better). 

Ryan is a trainer with a similar background and training style to my own.  He started me off with a warm up and some core exercises which are thoroughly needed after having a baby.  From there, my first session was more of an intake session to see where my base starting point is.  I have to say I liked the attention to posture and form details Ryan cues me on.  I know now how some of my clients feel when I put a million cues in their head at once!

Despite learning the new trainer vocabulary for the “trembles of truth” showing my weeny leg strength, I left feeling great.  In the back of my mind I thought “that was easy”, but I know the real workouts start next week.  I am newly motivated to get my function back and learn some new tricks to pass along to my own clients.


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