The Trainer Becomes the Trained!

Well I’ve done it.  I have signed myself up for 10 personal training sessions. 
After reaching my goal of getting back into my pre-baby skinny jeans and at my pre-baby weight, I still feel there is room to improve.  Just because I am a smaller size doesn’t mean I am at my desired fitness level :).   And setting goals is always a good idea.  So my goal is to increase my leg strength and my cardiovascular fitness.

I am reminded weekly of how sucky (yes that is a technical term) my cardiovascular fitness is when I take the advanced BOSU class at Frog’s Gym.  I am feeling a slow improvement each week, but when I started back to it after having my 3rd baby, I was red-faced and light headed during the last 15 minutes of class. I have also learned not to have my usual Kashi GO LEAN cereal before class as I almost lost it last week and had to cut class early.  Instead, I have only my coffee or a small Muscle Milk protein shake and save the cereal for after class.  Now, I have never been one to enjoy cardio workouts, I’m a weight training girl.  But I like classes that keep my brain so busy I don’t realize I am about to die of exhaustion. 

I am excited for these training sessions to have someone else do the thinking for a change.  I am looking forward to learning about new trends like kettlebells and body leverage training that came about while I was in Puerto Rico.  I trust this new “client perspective” will be a learning experience and entertaining at the same time, so stay tuned (follow my blog) and enjoy the ride with me!


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