It’s All Relative


We all have some degree of it, and how you deal with it is vital to your health.  My favorite quote on the reusable shopper bags from Lululemon is “stress is related to 99% of all illness”.  It’s one of the reasons I choose to use things like Splenda and drink diet soda rather than freak out about how much sugar I ingest.  And why I also choose to  do my best to look at the brighter side of life rather than wallow in complaining about every small bump in the road.


This last Friday morning I got myself into quite a funk for no real apparant reason (but isn’t that how it always is?).  Granted, I could pull the “hormonal” card because I’m nursing, but it was just one of those mornings.  It was cleaning day so I wanted to pre-clean/pick up (my husband still thinks I’m crazy for that ritual), the kids were acting up, and I really wanted to get to Claire’s 10:30 yoga class.  I was running behind and started getting huffy.  I snapped at my husband who was only trying to help (sorry love) and I barely got breakfast in me before leaving.  But I made it!


So here I am in my mental “all about me” frenzy when I enter class and see Claire. *Poof* Attitude adjustment. My whining moments of “my joints hurt, why is my house never clean, and my hair is the wrong color” instantly feel completely insignificant (as they should). 
I need to tell you a bit about the wonderful Claire.  We met briefly at a Lululemon design meeting/brainstorming session here in San Diego a few years ago.  For me, Claire is one of those people that I just feel a connection with, without really knowing her that well.  We reconnected as I was moving back from Puerto Rico and I was lucky enough to end up joining a gym where she teaches one of her yoga classes.  Claire found out she had breast cancer and is currently going through treatment (1 more chemo round yay!).  Now this is not a woman to pitty her situation – quite the opposite actually. She has an amazing blog where she has been documenting her journey – Ocean Soul Yoga.  Her bravery in opening herself to the world for others to learn from her experience is inspiring.  It is through her cancer treatment experiences that I appreciate my body more, it is through her stories that I reset my state-of-mind, and through her resiliant spirit that I encourage my own ups and downs (and crabby mornings).

“for in movement there is life, and in change there is power” – Alan Cohen

Thank you Claire.  🙂


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