Is Weight Watchers Right for You?

The Balance Guru’s Weight Watchers Online Review

Back in the summer of 2008, we were staying with my mother-in-law and helping her through her chemo treatments. One of her problems was keeping her weight on, so I began baking and cooking up a storm. Unfortunately for me, I had no problem gaining weight.

I ended up with a need to loose about 10 pounds and I had recieved an email promoting WeightWatchersOnline. I like to try out weight loss programs myself in order to give my clients the most detailed information, so I signed up for the monthly “Momentum” program. I chose this program because it did NOT use the Weight Watchers (WW) food, it was instead based on my own foods I make/buy and creating Points values for them. I was given a goal of 25 Points per day based on my height, weight, age, goal weight, and daily activity. I also had 25 weekly Points as a sort-of cushion or savings.

For me, the WWonline program was a lot like an online food and exercise journal. Since I am a creature of habit with my nutrition, once I saved my usual eats as “Favorites” the tracking was easy. With my nutrition background, I had the knowledge of what ratios of carbs : protein : fat worked for me so it was simply a matter of spending time each day to record everything. For those who have yet to find a successful ratio for them, the WW website had tons of information.


• the HUGE database of food – fresh, frozen, store bought, & restaurants
• the ability to save my own recipes online and determine Points values per person
• the iPhone app that made recording super easy. also the drag & drop feature online
• I was more aware of portions from the Points values


• the over emphasis on scale weight (I tracked my body measurements on my own)
• the “grey area” with the Activity Tracker i.e. power yoga and restorative yoga had the same value
• I would have liked to track my protein each day

All in all, the WeightWatchers Online plan worked for me. I lost 10 pounds in about 10 weeks. It was a plan where I could make adjustments to portions of everyday regular food and it did not interrupt how I fed my kids or my husband (unlike Nutrisystem). I would recommend it to those Type A conformists like myself who like to know every little detail in order to create more control over weight loss. For others, it might be a challenge to continually check in and record all the details, but that is why they made the WW application for your mobile device.

The main goal of Weight Watchers is to change eating habits and not to guide someone through a detailed workout program. So if you also need guidance on exercise, your best bet is to develop a workout plan with a Personal Trainer who can work with your body’s individual needs.

Tell me what you think. Do you use Weight Watchers? Have you found success with something else?


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