And You Wonder Why American’s are Fat?

On our recent trip to Disneyland, I was downright horrified to see SO MANY instances of the situation pictured above. This girl in the stroller had to be bordering on 10 years old if not older, 10!  In a stroller! (Nevermind the glaring detail that it was a jogging stroller and it was plain-as-day it had never been used as such). 
Now I realize that there is plenty of walking to do while at any amusement park, and I have the biased perspective of staying at an on-site hotel property, HOWEVER, my daughter (there for her 4th birthday) hoofed it the WHOLE time…for 2 days!  She was so giddy with excitement she was jumping & skipping her way from ride to ride.  My son did the same thing on his 4th birthday.  They slept like rocks!
Unfortunately, seeing kids too big/old for strollers was not uncommon.  I realize that this observation is relative.  I know a friend that does 10-hour days at Disneyland and uses a stroller for her 5-yr-old and I have told her that the insanity lies more in their ability to tolerate Disney for 10 hours rather than the stroller issue (which they have down to a science along with a near-excel spreadsheet on the order of rides).  But I think I am safe to assume that the family pictured above doesn’t quite use the same viggor when frequenting the parks. 
I am a firm believer that a healthy lifestyle starts at home and childhood obesity is a result of a viscious cycle of inactivity and poor eating habits.  How is this poor girl in the stroller going to learn how to exercise when her obese mother keeps sticking her in a stroller?  And yes, it’s hard work to get kids to eat healthy!  When given the choice of a turkey sandwhich or a candy bar, most kids will choose the candy bar.  It is our responsibility as parents to BE THE PARENT and feed our children a healthy diet and exercise as a family.
So how old is too old for a stroller?

One thought on “And You Wonder Why American’s are Fat?

  1. My daughter is 3 and I just ordered a new jogger. When I'm out shopping, or even a quick jump into a museum or amusement park my stroller is my life line! Not only do I know where she is at all moments, I can zip through at my own control obsessed pace.

    Also, my daughter still naps, so it's great to have a stroller on those “girl” days when she has to come along. Many a day has my daughter napped in a stroller while a girl friend and I sipped wine and gossiped.

    I planned on using the stroller until 5ish. We still take afternoon walks on the beach, around the neighborhood and through the mall. OH GOSH! I couldn't imagine taking her to the mall with out a stroller! Shutter!

    With that said… 10 is WAY to old for a stroller. At least for our family.

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