Bikini Body Hits the Beach

Woo Hoo!  On the beach with my 3 month old wearing a bikini…goal attained!
The 2 week celebration/vacation in Cancun was nothing short of fabulous.  It was a time to enjoy my husband and my kids without any need to go anywhere at a certain time or do anything but soak up the sun and eat like its going out of style.
I must say that coming back after my 3rd child has been more difficult than the others; it has taken more focus and I have needed more motivation.  I would probably say being consistent is the most important factor for me.  As long as I maintain the habit of some sort of daily activity (except for free days) and eating clean 6 days/week (gotta have the sunday doughnuts) progress is inevitable.  Building back my muscle and feeding my body to do so is what brings my pre-baby body and function back.  And I wouldn’t call myself “back” just yet…far from it really.  I had a wake-up call on that when I had my own fitness evaluation from a personal trainer at my local gym (future blog post to follow).  Talk about sucking wind! 
At the moment, as with many people, my insides don’t match my outsides.  I am not happy that I get out of bed in the morning like a grandma.  Like I stated in another post, I would much rather be healthy and functional and able to play with my kids whenever needed, than to look good in a bikini and get winded going up the stairs. So onward and upward I go.
The biggest lesson in the journey of health, weight loss, and fitness is that IT ISN’T ALL ABOUT LOOKS.  It is about feeling comfortable in your skin, keeping your health as your goal and eventually the weight loss follows.  Confidence is sexy! 
After reaching my bikini goal it is now time for a new goal.  And I am so excited for this one…drum roll…*pause for drama*…circus training!! 

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