Bikini Body Plan: 2 week countdown

I Lost 3 pounds!
Oh happy day when the scale finally gives me results of my hard work.  I also lost another 1/2″ in my waist & hips.  I feel giddy as a schoolgirl – thus the photo.
It is so easy to get frustrated and want to throw in the towel when trying to loose weight and/or make body changes.  Finding the right motivation is key.  As with most things in life, there are ups and downs.  When you can find what drives you to keep pushing through, then you will find success.
For me, I have different motivating factors.  Vanity, function & health.  Selfishly at the moment, vanity takes front seat.  When preparing for a trip somewhere tropical is dificult to avoid wanting to look good in a bikini. 
Second is function.  I don’t like to feel weak, unstable or out of balance.  I enjoy being able to play sports & games with my kids.  I love being able to tackle an advanced step class without tripping over myself.  And it is especially helpful to be strong enough to move my furniture as we have moved so often & I end up rearranging it multiple times a year :).
Lastly is health.  Consistent exercise has numerous health benefits and I attribute our infrequent illness to a healthy active lifestyle.  Yes I am getting older, and recently I am noticing it more.  I want to avoid the hip replacements both my parents and grandparents had.  I want to be an example for my clients and my children.  I want to explore and experience different paths of fitness, weight loss and health because it helps me understand my clients better when I have been through it myself.
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