Bikini Body Motivation

The Scale is the Enemy

I need to vent.  I think all women have a love/hate relationship with the scale. Lately, mine is my enemy.  I have gotten so frustrated that I haven’t lost ANY weight in 5 weeks! 

I was feeling “skinny” in the morning yesterday to I thought I should go weigh myself.  Plus I got the little pop-up from Weight Watchers online that “It’s time to record your weight for this week”…ugh.
I stripped down and set out my digital scale (because even a .2lb loss would bring some satisfaction), I took a deep breath and slowly stepped on.  I never look while it is calculating because that usually ends up in an emotional roller coaster while it jumps low to high.  After my ususal 5 second count, I look with anticipation wanting this to be the week where my metabolism has finally adjusted and the pounds will just fall off me…NOT!  My weight is the same.  Even to the tenth of a pound, are you kidding me?  So I step off and try again…same.  I step off and back on with the other foot first…same.  I step off and back on from the side…same.  I even step on backwards…same.  This is how my brain works, it must be the scale right?  Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over expecting different results?  But I’m changing my mount and dismount technique so it should show me something different.  No such luck.

Shallow Frustration

Let me now say yes, I fully realize I am being shallow and vain in my expectations of having a bikini-ready body on our trip to Cancun this year.  I am a personal trainer who trains my clients for function and not image.  If someone comes to me asking for help getting a six pack, I tell them to go elsewhere. But I justify my high expectations by reviewing my past photos.
Here I am in 2005 with my son (almost 2).  My husband and I did the Body for Life program.
Here I am in 2008 with my daughter (almost 2).  I started the 1st Bikini Body Plan and followed the Body for Life principles again.
So I am now 3 weeks away from our Cancun trip and there is one MAJOR difference this year…
THIS little cutie who will be 14 weeks come vacation time! 
So yes I am breastfeeding, and yes my body 14 weeks out is totally different than almost 2 years out.  In the end, it is all about being comfortable where you’re at and the body you have while working towards the goal. 
So I keep on keepin’on.

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