Burn Baby Burn (calories that is)

If you haven’t met already, this is the Stepmill (or Stair Machine). 
For all of us that love the calorie burn of running but HATE to run this is your new best friend.  Have you ever wondered why you get so winded when going up a few flights of stairs?  It is because you are using the largest muscle groups in your body.  When you activate so many muscles at once, the heart has to work harder to pump that much more blood to the needed areas.  All of this equals MORE CALORIES BURNED!
There are so many ways to use this machine.  Try out each of the programs offered and see which one you like.  Remember not to do the same thing everytime…change it up.  “Muscle confusion” as the P90X plan touts.
I like to do the intervals and turn sideways on the faster segments.  By stepping sideways you are utilizing the gluteals more, and who doesn’t like that?!?  If you are feeling coordinated you can also try stepping backwards (please be careful and start on the slow levels), or taking two at a time.  Pay attention to what your upper body is doing and don’t let it rock forward and back to use momentum (that’s cheating and less burning).  Also keep your grip loose and avoid pulling/holding on with the arms; this will prevent any shoulder injuries from the joint-tugging that holding on causes.
So give your joints a break from the impact of running and even boost your bootie in the process!

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