Bikini Body Plan Progress Report

Weight = down 1 lb

Waist =   down 1.5 in

My baby boy is now 4 weeks old and after 2 weeks of the Bikini Plan my weight is down a whopping 1 pound BUT my measurements are showing signs of improvement.  I am happily aware that this is a great combination because when you are consistent at a healthy diet while keeping consistent weight training workouts, there will most likely be a weight gain or only minimal loss initially.  THIS MEANS GAINING MUSCLE! 

I am happy to gain muscle.  I would much rather be solid and bigger than mushy and wafer thin.  I love the idea of being healthy and athletic.  I love having the ability to move furniture around with my husband and not feel like I will break if the wind blows me over.

My gym workouts are hit or miss because I am unable to take the baby until he is 3 months old.  This means I must pull out all my tricks in my Home Workout Toolbox.  I will post ideas and workouts but please feel free to ask for any specific workouts.  I enjoy the creative process of putting together effective workouts

2 weeks down, 10 more to go.


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