The Ultimate Goal

This week was more difficult to get in my workouts, I only had 3 stickers for the week.  Granted I can play the ‘I have a newborn’ card to make excuses, but in reality I just didn’t follow through.  If I don’t workout in the morning I just don’t do it…no matter how good my intentions are.

My eating was on track again so that is consistent, yeah me!  I am really happy with the nursing mom plan with weight watchers online.  Especially since finding that both my Coronita with lime and 2 pieces of Oscar Mayer center cut bacon are each only 1 point!

So the ultimate goal is consistency.  Both in eating healthy AND working out so eventually the majority wins out over the bouts of laziness and sweet cravings.

Next week’s goals: 

  • get in more exercise
  • figure out why I have a twinge in my right hip
  • get organized to start back with a few hours of clients

Have you set your goals?


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