Walking with a Purpose

This morning while on my walk with my newborn in his carrier on my chest and our 3 dogs leashed to my waist I realized how distracted I was and not paying attention to my body.  The slow-building side stich brought my attention to HOW I was walking. 
It is so easy to let the body ‘do it’s thing’, but the problem is that the body is really good at cheating and slacking off.  Whether you are walking a dog, listening to music, or talking on the phone, it is important to walk with a purpose.  This means bringing your attention to keeping a steady pace, extending your stride while keeping muscle control, tightening your abdominals and core, and pushing off through the toes.  All of which help to burn more calories by using more muscles and prevent overuse injuries from an imbalanced gate.
The same is true for any exercise really. YOU are in control of how hard you work!

One thought on “Walking with a Purpose

  1. thanks for the reminder. my morning walk with maya was more invigorating than normal. just in time for my quest to feel better in my bikini when in hawaii this march. i didn't feel so good in my bikini in south africa.

    so with all the steep hills in my neighborhood, your tips add to the intensity of my walks

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