FREE Day Menu

Breakfast: 2 fried eggs on toast w/veg shmear, 2 Osc. M ctr cut bacon strips
homemade banana blueberry muffin with icing (17pts)

Diner cheeseburger w/avocado, jalapenos, L&T with onion rings
apple pie a la mode (35 pts)

Frosted mini wheats
another muffin with icing


As yummy as it is going down, the way I feel on Monday mornings makes me CRAVE healthy food again and that lasts until Thursday or so.  So my will power only needs to get me through 3 days :).


One thought on “FREE Day Menu

  1. I know now without a doubt that we are related. I know we share a love of many things but cereal is one of them. And yes for dinner. KLR

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