The Bikini Body Plan

This 12-14 week Bikini Plan is a program with diet and exercise componants.  I also welcome comments and sharing so there is a sense of support as well.

  • The workout goal is 6 days/week of exercise.  3 weight workouts and 3 cardio workouts.
  • Nutrition plan is the Weight Watchers Online points plan (Free sign up now)
THE KEY TO RESULTS is to keep your body guessing.  So for all you runners, try the eliptical machine, swimming or an aerobics class.  Change it up!  This will also prevent overuse injuries.
And for the weight workouts, the key is to do MAXIMAL effort on the last sets.  Which means go to exhaustion building up in weight.  This is what helps build your muscle along with a lot of protein in your diet.
If you are afraid of getting bulky, let it go!  More muscle = a higher metabolism = more calories burning!  If you have no muscle to start, then there will be a short phase of weight gain until your metabolism adjusts and starts to burn off the fat.
Comment with questions and/or experiences!  Good luck!

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