Fell off the Wagon

Exercise and Pregnancy #3

Week 10
OK, so I have fallen off the exercise wagon because I completely lost my voice (which some of my family think is quite funny) and have gotten a head and chest cold. Being pregnant I can’t take any of the ‘good stuff’ like my normal Theraflu. So the priority of the moment is to try and get some sleep without coughing.

Week 11
I STILL have the cold and would really love to take some Theraflu and get it over with, but I don’t. My sleep is deprived because I can’t make it more than an hour at night without coughing (which my husband loves as well). I have also fallen off the healthy eating wagon because Top Ramen and croissants seem to make me feel better :).

Week 13
We finally got to spill the new baby news to my parents and my husbands siblings! I finally started feeling better a few days before we left for our trip to CO. All of the lack of exercise and the sudden indulgence of comfort foods have made by belly start to bump out at a much faster rate than I remember with my other two.
I can only give myself credit for working out ONCE this whole week. It was a big wake-up call to feel the effects of exercise at altitude after living on an island for 7 months!

Week 17
I am finally getting back into a groove of working out and getting exercise 4-5 times per week. I have had sporatic volleyball practices the past few weeks which is probably a good thing considering it has been 94 degrees with island humidity. But I miss volleyball because it has been a great way to exercise without being boring.
My nutrition lately has been what I call healthy with some sprinkling of treats. My will power to stay away from baked goods for snacks has been weak, but I am consistent with healthy breakfast lunch and dinners! So I give myself points for that:).


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