Exercise and Pregnancy – My Own 9 Month Journal

Baby number 3 is on the way!

I have decided to blog about my journey through pregnancy and how exercise plays such a big role in the health of the baby and the mother. This will mostly be MY opinions and MY experiences and NOT medical advise for pregnant women.

I realize that I am VERY casual when it comes to being pregnant. With my first two pregnancies, I had an occasional glass of wine and I couldn’t get enough sushi. I know that many will disagree and some will agree with what I choose to experience while pregnant. I am happy with my first two pregnancies and I had happy and healthy babies who slept GREAT!

So here is my journey of baby number 3:
(this post includes many week updates due to not posting until the announcement has been made public with our families :))

Week 5
I am pretty sure I am pregnant because I have missed my period by a week and I have been charting my temperature and it is staying high. I am not taking a pregnancy test yet because I want to be sure that the little bugger is implanted for sure.

I am still in my normal routine of working out 5-6 days a week varying yoga, cardio, weights, and volleyball. I am thrilled with volleyball! In my community here in Puerto Rico we have a former Olympic Women’s Volleyball player who is providing a weekly clinic of court volleyball. I played long ago in junior high and some of it is coming back. It is a whole lot of fun and a great workout as well!

Week 6
POSITIVE pregnancy test! Woo Hoo! I really like the method of charting my Basal Body Temperature. I have always been quite regular so it has been easy to predict when I ovulate with the temperature charting. We used it successfully to plan a boy first then a girl.

So far I feel the same. There is maybe a bit stonger pull for a mid-day nap:), however, I think that is mostly mental.

I remember the discomfort of constipation early on in preganancy with my first two so I have begun taking a stool softener every day as prevention.
Week 8
I am definitely short on motivation to get up and go work out, but as soon as I do I feel so much better. I am fortunate to have had the luck of not having morning sickness with my other pregnancies and this one seems to be the same. There was once or twice with the others where I rushed to the toilet/sink/out the car door, but all in all quite easy compared to some women I know. Again, I believe the exercise and circulation help to keep the sickness at bay.

Thank God for my husband who helps to push me out the door in the morning. I am still biking the dogs every other morning so that is also a nice start to the day. For some reason it is more mentally difficult to get myself to do my weight training, so right now I am doing mostly 30 min elliptical workouts and volleyball…some yoga.

I haven’t changed my eating at all…OK, maybe an occasional extra healthy snack. I am fully aware that “eating for 2” is just an excuse to eat too much. I remember reading that in the 2nd and 3rd trimester the body needs only about 300 more kcals per day. The trick is tring to keep those extra calories healthy!

I have been used to eating every three hours since I did Body for Life. My body likes that system and especially while pregnant.

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