Perfect Yoga Podcast

If you are ever in a place where you don’t have access to your favorite yoga studio or the local class schedule doesn’t fit with your schedule, then I have to say that a yoga class by podcast is a very nice substitute.

My podcast of choice to try it out was “The Yoga Practice Show” by . It was free on itunes which makes it even better. As I am not terribly familiar with downloading and using pocasts, it probably took longer than it should have to get all set up. However, all I had to do was set my computer on my coffee table and roll out my yoga mat. Some of the podcasts, just like studio classes, require props so you should have at least a block and a strap ready.

I was quite happy with the instruction and the level of difficulty. Beginners might want to watch the session all the way through once to get an idea for the poses if they aren’t familiar with the names or specifics. What was the most convenient was the choices of podcast durations. Most are 20-30 min long but could easily be combined to give you a full hour class or longer if desired. I have not yet tried this on my mobile device. I figure it would work sufficiently with just the audio as long as I know all the poses. I suppose I could find a spot to prop the devise in order to follow the video as well.

I would highly recommend trying yoga by podcast, especially for those who don’t conform well to the schedules of studio classes, or to those that travel. This would work fabulous in your hotel room.

I look forward to trying out other podcasts from other sources and I will keep you all posted on what I find out!

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