The Truth to the New Foods at Starbucks

After a chilly 39 degree bike ride this morning, I needed to thaw out. The pull from Starbucks was enormous!

Now, I have warned many friends and clients about the hidden calories in coffe drinks and the goodies that accompany them. I have learned that for me, it is best to aviod Starbucks because I have little to no will power when it comes to baked goods. It is best for me to find a drive thru or send in my husband for my grande, non-fat, no-water, chai tea latte that I love so much.

I am fully aware that my usual drink is 220 calories, and I torture myself with online nutrition facts of the foods and treats. Today, the flyer for the newest featured foods caught my eye. I was certain I would have yet another calorie WARNING to blog about with the new items.

However, I was pleasently surprised to find out that the Perfect Oatmeal (whole grain) is only 150 calories! Granted the portion looks to be a bit skimpy. But for those who normally don’t eat breakfast, it is a fine choice.

Just make sure to stay away from the new Sausage Piadini weighing in at 500 calories, HALF of which are from fat.


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