In the past few months I have realized that despite of my being a huge Dog Whisperer fan, I have painted myself into a corner with our daily exercise routine. What started as the zen of dog walking and grew into zen to the extreme, has now become a challenge of my devotion to the cause.

As I mentioned before, and as my husband warned me as well, the dogs are now in such condition that they NEED to run with the bike. Especially now that we are staying with my mother-in-law in order to care for her as she fights lung cancer. She is fragile and our dogs are big. Especially our rottweiler-mix Roca, who seems to have a pain tolerance higher than a woman choosing to deliver quadruplets naturally. So the morning bike routine of 6 miles in about 30 minutes keeps the dogs on good behavior, but has also created the Michael Phelps of dogs…2 of them.

As the early morning sunrise gets later and later, my motivation to crawl out of bed gets lower and lower, I am constantly reminding myself that this routine is good for everyone. It keeps the dogs calm, it burns some extra calories for me, I see the beauty of the outdoors…yadda, yadda, yadda. However my brain has become quite bored of the routine and I don’t think my body likes it anymore either. As I tell my clients regularly, “Variety is the key to staying in shape and preventing injuries” and, “Keeping your body guessing will help you burn more calories”. These words of wisdom ring in my head and play a part in the desire to stay in bed an extra 30 minutes in the morning.

In self-analysis and gratuitous complaining, I now have aches and tweaks that I didn’t have before I started biking every morning. I have never been a big fan of cycling because the bent over posture is awful for the neck and hips. So now my morning mission while I ride is to devise a way to counteract the imbalances happening in my body. I know regular yoga would help. I miss my twice a week yoga that I did in San Diego. At least that would unwind me a bit. And I would love to have a weekly massage, but that concept makes me laugh a bit as I remember the reality of 2 small kids, a weak mother-in-law, and a lack of ever-flowing discretionary funds.

So despite my complaints, I continue my devotion to Cesar Milan’s motto of “Exercise, Discipline, then Affection” for my dogs and find comfort in my gratitude of having the health and vitality to keep up this routine day after day.


One thought on “Devoted

  1. I love reading your blogs. They motivate and inspire me. Some do make me laugh. Does that count as exercise? I hope so. It is nice seening you there when I know you’re so far away. We miss you here in San diego. Thank you for helping us stay Healthy and Strong.

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