But I’m Too Busy to Workout!!

The Trainer Becomes the Trained

My husband and I have just recently transplanted ourselves, our 2 kids, and our 2 dogs from San Diego to Denver for the summer. So for about 2 months now my workout routine has been turned on it’s head. As a fitness specialist, I am often advising clients on how to make sure they get their exercise in during the week. I tell them, “Write it on your calender/planner” or “Find a workout buddy” or “15 minutes is better than nothing”. Most often the most common excuse for not exercising is I’m too busy to workout!”

These past 2 months I have had to take my own medicine, and I’m telling you…I’m not so good at it.

Where I am usually on a high conformity/Type A schedule and know exactly when I am going to workout and what part of the body will be worked, I have been grasping at any moment I can to get myself lifting more than moving boxes and running after more than my kids. So from most of you I can hear the snide remarks now, “Welcome to the real world Miss Balance Guru”. To you I say, “Touche.” However, I must say that I am proud of my creativity.

  • I have still continued to ride my bike with the dogs every morning. Though it may be a mostly flat ride, I am burning calories trying to stay upright as the dogs randomly bolt in different directions chasing after squirrels (did I mention they are both on leashes?)
  • I have done lunges off a bench and push ups on the grass at the playground while the kids played
  • I have taken an extra trip or 3 up the stairs, taking every other stair

We are only now settling into some resemblance of a routine and we decided to get a membership at the nearest “Big Box Fitness Club” even though there is a treadmill, elliptical and universal weight machine literally across the street at the neighborhood clubhouse. For me, I have more motivation to go to a gym where I have more space to do all my functional exercises mixed with my weightlifting and there is a place for the kids to play.

It takes determination to get back on the workout wagon once you have fallen off. Momentum is NOT on your side. Excuses pile up and the schedule gets filled with other things. The key is making the decision to turn things around and making exercise a priority!


One thought on “But I’m Too Busy to Workout!!

  1. Hi Lori,I just wanted to let you know that I have been putting stickers on the “family calendar” for each day I workout. Thank you for that tip. I love looking at the calendar and seeing all my stickers. Our calendar hangs on the pantry door so everytime I mindlessly grab a handful of goldfish the sparkles on my stickers remind me about the miles I ran at the gym that morning. I also love that Ally sees me taking pride in exercise routine!!! Thank you for the motivation!Love,Nikki

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