Zen to the Extreme

Back in November, I had a post regarding the Zen of Dog Walking and how I have found many benefits from my morning walks with our dogs. The morning walks have since been ‘kicked up a notch’ and are now either bike rides or in-line skating. (my new and funky in-line skates will be reviewed in the future)

I still truly enjoy the peace and quiet of early morning. I have learned to be grateful while moving faster and sweating more. Being on the bike mostly, I cover more ground and I get to enjoy beautiful San Diego sunrises.

So here’s my problem. Now that I have been working the dogs harder in the morning, our puppy Roca (yes the bigger one) is dependant on the exercise. If I am unable to take them, Roca is all over us all day for attention. He’s a nudger. And I can’t tell you how many times his nose nudges me inappropriately. I’ll have to check with Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer for a solution.


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