BEST Activewear – Lululemon Review

OK, for so many reasons I LOVE this line of clothing! Lululemon has a large yoga following but that is changing quickly. It is great for yoga but also weight training, cardio, fitness classes…AND it looks classy enough to run your errands after the workout.

This company began in Canada so Canadians are saying “Duh, you haven’t heard of lululemon?” But showrooms and stores are popping up all over here in the States. They take great care and do much research in to opening a new location. All the staff are always SUPER helpful and really know their product.

As a trainer, it is so nice to have workout wear that looks professional enough to throw on a Remix Hoodie and go right to a client.  As a frugal mom, their reversible Groove Pants/Capris help me get more bang for my buck$.  And when I was pregnant, I wore the Power Y tanks throughout the whole pregnancy.

The fabric is yummy soft and the craftsmanship is such that your fitness wardrobe will last forever (which also gives you more bang for your buck$).  The added bonus is the company’s commitment to the community and the health and fitness of everyone.  They offer free classes and workshops and partner with yoga instructors and fitness professionals (Ambassadors) in the area in order to give you resources for your personal wellness journey.



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