Bikini Body Accomplished!

It began with a 12-week goal

After slipping off the health wagon over the holidays, I put in consistent work, determination and despite a few set backs, I felt great in my brazilian bikini on the beach!

For me, on this annual vacation, I love to reward my hardwork by indulging in any carb I choose (starch, alcohol, sugar) and in quantities that I seem to regret later. But only for fleeting moments because I soon realize that my sunbathing position is ideal for digestion and I don’t need to move for another 30 minutes when it’s time to flip. *grin*

Granted, I did my best to keep up with workouts while on vacation (even doing yoga by the pool with my mat blowing away with every change of pose), but 2 weeks of margaritas, quesadillas, pan dulce and dinners out most every night (with bread AND butter), my suit got a bit snug and I needed to remind myself to “suck it in” more often.

And now begins a new cycle…with motivation to purge out the indulgences. I am back on the health and fitness wagon and looking towards a new goal (yet to be determined).


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