12 Weeks to a Bikini Body – Final 4 Weeks

Alright, this is where mental toughness comes into play. We have begun with a 12-week plan for a bikini body, and checked in at 6 weeks to deal with cravings and pitfalls. If you have been on a fitness and nutrition program for 8 weeks, you should be seeing some results. This is about the time where your metabolism starts to adjust to the changes you are making. These last 4 weeks are crucial in order to make the change more permanent.

Dig deep to stay the course and find your motivation. Mine came through swimsuit shopping…talk about a motivator! Harsh lighting and styles that didn’t flatter…at all. Don’t get me wrong, I still found two really cute bikinis. But to make them look even better and to let me have some fudge room for margaritas and banana monkeys, I need to stay focused.
The mantra is, “PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION”, it keeps you sane.

If you don’t have a workout plan, there is a decent one on fitnessmagazine.com, 4 Weeks to a Bikini Body as well as utube and others. I am curious about the P90X DVD’s, they seem to be a great challenge for a home workout.

One thought on “12 Weeks to a Bikini Body – Final 4 Weeks

  1. The P90X videos are unlike any other at home fitness workouts I have EVER done!!! The first day nearly killed me and I consider myself to be in decent physical shape. There are twelve disks total and each is just as hard as the next. GREAT INVESTMENT!!!!!

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