6 Weeks to a Bikini Body – Cravings Happen

OK, I am 6 weeks out from our Cancun vacation. Am I where I want to be? Not quite. But there has been progress since the start! Even through obstacles in the form of a head cold that slowed down my workouts, and newly baked Rice Krispie Treats that my kids could never have finished on their own–grin.

Cravings Happen

Challenges to a healthy lifestyle are a given. If not, we all would look like Heidi Klum. For me, it’s baked sweets. For others it is a weakness for starchy foods like breads and pastas. For some it might even be the bag of salty potato chips that stare you down and threaten to take your first-born if you do not finish the whole bag.

The best thing you can do when obstacles and temptations pop up is to embrace them. Take the opportunity to learn what steps lead up to your cravings, or how to better hold your boundaries when faced with last minute parties or schedule changes.


When you are wanting to make and maintain aesthetic changes to your body, it’s all about the diet. I must make it clear that I’m not talking “diet” as in fads like The Atkins Diet or The South Beach Diet, I am talking about a hand-to-mouth lifestyle change.

Here’s a fun diet quote:

“If it tastes good, spit it out!”

Healthy foods have long since gotten a bad wrap for lack of taste and flavor. Luckily for me there is this lovely product called Splenda. I know it’s not for everyone, and some think I am growing a second head as we speak. However, I am the ultimate sweet tooth and it sometimes takes elephant-sized will power to not grab a donut on my trips to the grocery store.

The Free Day Option

My favorite solution for cravings is the Free Day. My husband and I eat excellent 6 days of the week and save 1 day as our Free Day. For us it is Sunday. When you work so hard to resist temptation and your will power gets an ultimate workout, the Free Day becomes almost sacred. We look forward to the fun of choosing which restaurant we will eat at, or what treat are we going to reward ourselves with. And after a day of eating so indulgently, we have NO problem staying away from the treats for a few days and choosing healthy alternatives that give us more energy.


One thought on “6 Weeks to a Bikini Body – Cravings Happen

  1. Hi Lori,I love checking your blog for fabulous and insightful tips, each time I check in I get a boost of motivtion so THANK YOU…keep it up! Love, Nikki B.

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