Yoga Kids DVD Review

ABC’s for ages 3-6. This is the 2nd Yoga Kids DVD from GAIAM
Review by Lori Frederic CSCS, CMT

I got this for my 4 year old son to introduce him to yoga and meditation. I was happy to find it at our local grocery store for $14.99 (same price as

The guided poses take the child through the ABC’s with fun poses. In the 30 minute DVD, the child learns about belly breathing, balance, and flexibility. It keeps my 4 year olds attention with the quick flow of poses. The only downfall is that there wasn’t the meditation component that I was hoping for. It goes through a bit of relaxation breathing at the end, but it mostly ends up with laughs for us because it has the child put their head on someones belly, or a toy on their own stomach to feel the belly rise and fall. Once a giggle happens, relaxation is out of the question.

This DVD was also fun for my toddler who liked to watch her brother go through the poses and will even join in on the animal poses.


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