The (Nutrition) Truth Shall Set You Free

It has been medically proven that having a nutrition log or journal – a notebook/file where you track ALL of what you put into your mouth – is the easiest way to loose weight. Whether you track your intake online or in your own bedside journal, the results are the same.

Writing down your daily food intake is a way to acknowledge the importance of your weight loss decision and help you to take it seriously. Tracking everything including your food, your emotional triggers, and daily physical activity helps you identify patterns and habits that lead to overeating and inactivity.

This simple act alone can keep you on task: When you know you have to write it down, sometimes that doughnut becomes less appealing! The National Weight Control Registry says that journaling is one of the most powerful tools used by all successful dieters.

A nutrition journal is also helpful to professionals in your life such as acupucturists, physicians, personal trainers, and naturopathic doctors. If you are dealing with other health issues, your nutrition journal may give insight to unhealthy patterns.

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