Get a Swimsuit Body in 12 Weeks

The Cancun Countdown Begins

It is a sad fact that for most of the population who set New Year’s resolutions for weight loss or fitness, the sticking factor usually wears of in early February. At the athletic club I used to work at, the other trainers and I would make bets on how long the ‘resolutioners’ would last. For most, myself included, there needs to be a long-term motivation. Something 10-12 weeks out is ideal.

For my husband and I, our motivation lies in our Cancun vacation each year at the end of March. It gives us 11 weeks from the first of the year to make sure our bodies are in “Swimsuit Shape”. I have heard somewhere that it takes 22 days in a row to create a habit. However, it really turns into a lifestyle change when you reach for success for 12 weeks.

That’s why I enjoy and promote the Body for Life program by Bill Phillips. It is a 12 week challenge that gives you everything you need to make a body transformation. From workouts to recipies, there are day-by-day instructions and meal-to-meal options. It pays to be Type A for this high conformity program. But that is really the case for any program. You can’t just “wing it” when it comes to a lifestyle change.

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