Nutrient Trickery- Knowing Where to Read

For those of you who at least GLANCE at a label before putting an item in your cart, CONGRATULATIONS! Now you must become aware of the trickery:It is easy to pick up this package of ground beef and say “WOW! Only 4% Fat! I can have a HUGE burger!” Think again.

The proper way to figure the percentage of fat is to DIVIDE the TOTAL CALORIES by the CALORIES FROM FAT. So here, the total calories= 150 and the calories from fat= 40.

40/150 is .266 which turns out to be 27% FAT

Now, 27% fat is great for ground beef and is an ideal percentage to keep with all your meals. So go ahead and make yourself a nice 4 oz. (quarter pound) burger. I simply needed to point out that the BIG numbers on the labels aren’t always what they seem, and most of the time, the marketing ends up deceiving you. Stick with finding the “Nutrition Facts” area to get the correct numbers.

One of my favorite links to finding out the hard facts on what you are eating when you eat out is Diet Facts where you can search by food or by restaurant.

“Now You Know! And Knowing is Half the Battle.” (does this date me or what?)


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