Our Family Adventure – FIRESTORM 2007

This was the view on our way out of the neighborhood Monday morning.

This is the view today. Not perfectly clear.

We were blessed to be woken by a phone call from a family friend at 6am on Monday letting us know that areas of 4S Ranch/Rancho Bernardo were being evacuated. We then made our decision to evacuate after seeing how close the fires were on the news. It took about 45 min to decide what to bring with us and pack it into the car. Our home didn’t get the reverse 911 call until 8am.

Like others, I have pondered the question of “what would I pack if evacuated from a fire?”, but I never wrote it down or organized things together. So when the time came to pack things up, I was so nervous I just stood there doing nothing. Then reality (and my husband) kicked in.

I collected photos, baby books, and journals. We packed up the laptop, important papers like passports and SS cards, jewelery, and the external hard drive for my husbands business computer (thank goodness we had just purchased that!). I glanced at a few antiques and my husband smartly reminded me of the lack of space in our SUV. FOCUS!! Easier said than done, I even debated my hair dryer, HA!. We had 2 kids in car seats with their suitcase inbetween, 2 dogs and the picture box in the back, and our small suitcase of clothes and important documents filled the rest of the space.

We weren’t sure where we were going. We don’t know many people in San Diego, and the ones we did know were evacuated as well. The news was telling people in 4S Ranch to go to Del Mar Fairgrounds, we just knew we needed to leave and the only direction we could go was West.

We drove all the way to La Jolla trusting my memory that my parents knew someone there we might be able to crash with. We finally found a place to go. We are SO fortunate and thankful that we did not have to go to the Fairgrounds or Qualcomm with 2 small kids and 2 dogs.

We ended up in a vacant home that had been up for sale by friends of my parents. We had 3 other families staying there with us. We picked up an air matress and some sleeping bags to get more comfortable. It was a bonus to have electiricity and plumbing. Our crew of 4 + 2 dogs took over the master bedroom.

The kids were troopers, my son thought it was so sool to have a new aligator sleeping bag! Granted, there were moments of chaos and the kids were a bit stir crazy.

Here are some more pictures:

The Mobile Office!

Our Trip to Mission Beach

Playing Off Energy

We are now back in our house after much confusion (2 trips back to the neighborhood), but the air quality is still less than great. We can still see a haze in the air and it smells like a campground. But with no marshmallows!

Our hearts go out to those that lost thier homes. Please feel free to share any stories on the comment link below.


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