Avioding "The Holiday Bulge" – Halloween

We all have weaknesses when it comes to indulgences. For me, Halloween and Easter are large tests of my will power with the abundant availablity of candy and sweets. All of which are perfectly packaged, bite-size temptations that find their way into my mouth without me even knowing it. Thus, I have developed my list of treats that are on a “Don’t even think about bringing it home” list. This year, I have learned yet another sweet Halloween treat to add to my list – Candy Corn!

Some of you don’t have the weakness for sweets like I have. Some of you can’t resist salty munchies, or starchy carbs. Whatever it is, if your goal is to loose weight, or maintain where you’re at and prevent The Holiday Bulge, it is smart to know which food items you CAN’T SAY NO to. The main idea is the old adage,

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

If you don’t have ready access to your temptation, you won’t eat it (as often). YOU have the control to make healthy choices, it is just the matter of having the will power to follow through on them. The first step is not to bring the temptation home, the second step is resisting the temptation when it is put in front of you. The second one is the most difficult, but has the greatest reward.

Advise for my fellow sweet lovers:

1. In order not to bring those tempting treats home for the Trick or Treaters, do what we are doing this year, hand out money! We chose to hand out dollars because we aren’t planning on hundreds of kids stopping by. For those of you that are, you might want to hand out quarters instead.

2. Halloween one of the holidays where treats can be found EVERYWHERE…in the workplace, in the salon, at the insurance salesmen’s office, the doctor’s office. The key is to have a good substitute on hand at all times. Mine is Stride gum, I love it! I have a pack in my purse and in my car. It satisfies my sweet craving and it’s easy.

Now I’m not perfect, and you shouldn’t expect to be either. If you give in to temptation, don’t beat yourself up about it. It is important to move on and tell yourself to avoid it next time or you are likely to throw in the towel and give up. Instead, make a promise to yourself to work out longer/harder the next day, or park further away from the office, take the stairs, etc.

I wish you luck and give you support! You can do it!

Coming soon, the next challenge; Avoiding “The Holiday Bulge”- Thanksgiving


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